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Affordable Shelving Solutions from SI Retail

Affordable Shelving Solutions from SI Retail

Stylish and effective in-store shopfittings at a great price are what every retail store sets out to achieve when designing their outlets. Every brand is unique. So what shelving options cater to brand styling whilst still being practical and affordable?

There are many shelving choices available to retailers. Depending on display needs and positioning throughout the store, there are a range of styles that are impacting.

Freestanding displays are a professional in store shelving option. Freestanding slatwall and freestanding livewire cable displays are impacting and easy to maneuver in-store. When situated correctly, non fixed displays allow for testing of; effective selling positions, high foot traffic areas and best sellers.

Many retailers choose to use slatwall panels or wall strip in their store to easily add a range of arms, signage and shelving options to the fixtures. SI Retail has improved on traditional in store shelving solutions and designed the HangShelf. This product specifically improves on wall strip and slatwall shelving options for fashion retailers. The HangShelf has the ability to hang garments and shelve products at the same time. This maximises and enhances space used throughout the store while also creating a unique display.

Another innovative system that has improved in store shelving is the new slotwall shelf bracket clip. Designed specifically for slatwall panels, the shelf clip holds 6, 8 and 10mm glass shelves with the one fitting. Its lightweight and stylish design suits most retail store designs.

To find out in detail how the freestanding shelving systems, HangShelf and new bracket clip can improve store shelving displays call SI Retail on 1800 211 122 or visit www.siretail.com.au for their complete shelving range available. SI Retail also has the manufacturing and sourcing networks to customise instore shelving tailored to your brand, just ask.

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