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Create an emotional brand attachment with your customers in-store and online

When you think about it, over the last decade technology has put increased pressure on bricks and mortar businesses. But it's not all bad! Technology can have a positive impact on your brand; it can increase your brand exposure when used correctly as well as interact with customers through another channel. When creating a relationship between your physical outlet and website, companies need to ensure their emotional brand connection with the consumer is consistent across both areas.

Technology has changed the way consumers can find your brand and the convenience of online shopping has considerably impacted on consumer buying patterns. Retailers must do everything in their power to utilise both digital channels and in-store displays to attract their customer. Here are some instore tips and tricks that retailers can apply to be distinctive and competitive.

  • The right shopfittings instore will make your products and message ‘pop'. Choose clean and crisp displays so your product is clearly visible to your shopper. Acrylic and glass displays are perfect for creating this look instore with the correct combination of lighting.
  • Try: Livewire cable displays, glass shelving, cubing display systems, sign holders and brochure holders to improve your current displays.
  • Keep your instore look fresh and updated by choosing easy to manouver displays and signage.
  • Some shopfittings that do this are: Dump bin display stands, Livewire cable display systems, freestanding slotwall gondolas and ticket frames.
  • Can't find a display to suit your product? Custom displays and signage are an ideal way to individualise your brand.
  • SI Retail has an extensive network of manufacturers to fulfill customised requirements.

This is what Morris from Webster Holdings had to say about customised signage options from SI Retail:

The custom made acrylic blocks have been great to display a variety of Point of Sale cards, Imagery, Sale signs etc...It is important to us, as a brand to be set apart from other retailers, the acrylic blocks are quite different to other POS holders that are on the market and in addition it's great we have our own personalised logo etched into the blocks, the etching is effective without being over bearing.

  • If you have many retail outlets and are looking to refresh all store displays with ease, SI Retail has created SI Direct to do just that. SI Direct allows customers to custom create and have orders shipped direct to store from manufacture

A distinctive brand in-store needs to be translated across all marketing channels. Effective print, online and website design all contribute to creating an emotional attachment for consumers with your brand. Having a consistent brand image across all mediums offers added value to your customers and can lead to increased brand exposure.

To find out more about custom creations, direct shipments and the full product range to enhance your in store displays contact SI Retail on 1800 211 122 or visit www.siretail.com.au.


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