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End-Sign™ Point of Sale Flags – Flagging Down Customers since 1974

Signage and technology have been evolving at a rapid rate over the last few years. So how can a product established in 1974 still be so effective? You may not notice the product as a whole but you do remember its message. Fixed to store front windows, the End-Sign™ point of sale flag continues to be an effective signage solution for retailers and brands.

End-Sign™ flags encourage impulse purchases with enticing graphics and direct customer messages. One example is service stations. They can easily have multiple branded End-Sign™ flags on rotation to promote their own deals. This way the offer will never get old! We live in a fast-paced society where everyone seems to have even less time to do things, like fill up the car, so any message needs to be clear, concise and impacting. In this scenario, utilising End-Sign™ at store entries increases the chance of impulse purchases after filling up at the bowser. It's easy to remind customers as they walk through your door about what's on special with point of sale flags.

As well as custom creating your own flag, SI Retail also provides stock standard flags. Some include: Sale, Open 7 Days and Now Open. These messages are simple yet impacting.

The great thing about the End-Sign™ is its design. You can easily change the angle of your End-Sign™ flag to suit your needs. Your brand exposure is increased as the flags sit perpendicular from the front of the outlet. For retailers positioned in long shopping centres, having an End-Sign™ fixed to your store window increases the chance of customers noticing your brand. This is also useful when customers are specifically looking for your outlet. The End-Sign™ makes it convenient to spot you in the crowd.

To organise a customised End-Sign™ flag contact SI Retail on 1800 211 122 or visit their website and order online.


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