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Handy Hints to Increase Your Sales this Christmas #2: Traffic Flow

It's now time to think a little differently in terms of your store displays and promotions for Christmas.

Once shoppers are in your store, you want to ensure that they see everything you have on offer. The best way to do this is to position your products so that they flow logically, and angle your displays in a way that directs your customers to the back of your store. Placing high-demand products at the back will also help to draw customers through the store.

Are there areas that customers tend to gravitate towards or completely avoid? These are the areas you need to pay attention to. Your initial store design may now be somewhat outdated in terms of traffic flow, so it is worth monitoring the store flow.

The combination of lighting and signage can make a big difference in drawing people to your cold spots - those areas with little traffic flow. SI Retail's hanging signage such as poster grips, quad-ramas and tri-ramas work well to draw attention to your âcold spots - but remember to keep demand items in âcold spots' and save the high-profit items for the âhot spots' with high traffic. The products that you want to push the most should always be located in your âhot spots'.

Did you know that roughly 90% of your customers will turn right and walk through your store in a counterclockwise direction? Why not utilise this knowledge when setting up your displays, to ensure that the highest portion of your customers see your featured products? However, don't place your best products right inside the entrance, as customers need a 'decompression zone' to adjust to the environment of your store, and items are often missed when placed in this area.

You also want to make sure that your customers' shopping experience is as comfortable as possible so that they spend more time in the store and, ultimately, spend more money on your products. So ensure that there is easy access to all of your products, and that any inaccessible retail space you may have is used for displays to highlight or showcase your products.


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