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How to Sell Merchandise in Your Health Club or Gymnasium without Sacrificing Space

Picture this: you've come home from a long day at work and you really don't want to go to the gym, but you promised yourself that you would. You're looking for any possible excuse to get out of it. "My gym clothes are dirty!" ... "I need new gym shoes!" ... "My towel hasn't been washed since last time!" But then you remember that your gym supplies clothes, shoes and towels, so you follow your original plan and head to the gym as you had promised yourself.

How often does this happen to your customers? Could you encourage them to come to the gym more by offering items, such as towels, shorts, shirts, socks, shoes, and mats for sale or hire? If you have wall space or floor space that isn't being used, then you have the opportunity to promote these items.

Wall stripping can be easily screwed into your walls, and there are many wall strip accessories available to suit your needs. Freestanding slotwall gondolas are great for unused floor space, and because they're mobile, you can move them around as you need to.

Both the wall stripping and slotwall gondolas are ideal for displaying merchandise - whether it is your own brand, your sponsor's brand, or other respected brands within the industry. The available accessories include various arms and rails that are great for holding clothes hangers, shelving options for shoes and neatly folded piles of clothes or towels, and the innovative HangShelf, which allows you to both shelve and hang items with the one accessory.

SI Retail also has very effective signage solutions available to help attract your customers' eyes to your new displays.

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