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Inspire Your Buyers: Ideas to Smarten Up Your Real Estate Office and Listed Properties

LivewireTM cable display systems are all the rage in real estate office windows these days. Not only are they stylish and practical, but they also look great and really catch the eyes of passers-by.

SI Retail's LivewireTM cable display system runs from the ceiling to the floor, offering full coverage of your window and providing ample space for you to display your window cards. Your window cards simply slide into the folded sheets of clear acrylic, which come in A4, A3 or A2 configurations.

The anodised aluminium tracking option enables the LivewireTM configurations to be changed easily. Simply install your tracking to the size of your window and slide the top and bottom LivewireTM connectors across the tracking and re-secure in place. This saves unnecessary drilling in the ceiling and floor when your signage configuration needs to change with added properties. The "invisible" cable wire holds it all together without drawing attention away from what you want people to look at - your listings!

Outside your office, standard or premium catalogue stands are great for holding the latest version of the Homes Pictorial or your own catalogue. Customised signboards also work well to show people when your office is open and what it is you deal in: houses, land, units, townhouses, etc.

Inside your office, acrylic brochure holders are great for holding rental lists or property brochures - and business card holders go without saying! SI Retail also sells acrylic sign holders, which can be placed on the counter to notify customers of important information, such as "We Do Not Accept Cash", "No Rentals Currently Available", or "Please Ring the Bell if Reception is Unattended". (Keep an eye out for SI Retail's newest and most affordable brochure holder range, due in June.)

FlyBanners and A-frames are also great for indicating which property is open for inspection. FlyBanners are available in teardrop and feather styles, and can be custom printed to suit your brand, logo and message - or you can try the stock standard "Open" message. A-frames can be placed at the property's entrance to serve as a brand reminder and also to convey important information, such as the opening times and the salesperson that is on site.

By making it as easy as possible for your customers and getting them off on the right foot to begin with, you have much more chance of making a sale! So check out our website today to view our full range of products. We have plenty of items to help you! If we are missing something from our real estate range that you have been trying to source, please let us know by calling 1800 211 122

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