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Retail Display 101: Dump Bins increase sales by 427%

Retail Display 101: Dump Bins increase sales by 427%

Christmas is right around the corner so, is your store ready to "wow" your customers? Dump Bins are the cheapest and most effective way to increase impulse buy. According to U.S. studies by the Russell R. Muller Retail Hardware Research Foundation sales increase by 427% when you place products in a Dump Bin.

Dump Bins are floor standing displays used for promotional, seasonable and clearance products. They are designed to increase the product visibility and encourage impulse sales by creating a sense of urgency and by playing with the shoppers desire to find a bargain.

Everybody loves a bargain that is why flea markets and discount stores are so popular. But more importantly, people are fascinated by a treasure hunt, and that is why a full and messy dump bin will encourage shoppers to chase the bargain.

Below are the results from the Russel R. Muller Foundation research that analyse the efficiency of different store displays. Click here to read the full study.

The Effects of Merchandising Displays on Sales

 Dump Bins are good for all your everyday and slow moving products but Christmas is not a time to get rid of unwanted items, it is a time to make as much profit as possible. Use Dump Bins to sell your slow moving product all year round but for Christmas try Dump Bins to sell high margin products. According to this study, temporary Dump Bins increase sales by up to 427%.

Why are Dump Bins so effective?

  • They create a sense of urgency
  • They create a sense of a bargain
  • They focus on seasonal products that they need now
  • They make shopping more entertaining

How to use your Dump Bin for maximum efficiency:

  • Position the Dump Bin in a high traffic area
  • Leave at least 1m clearance around the display
  • Make sure it does not clutter the shop
  • Focus on one category of products but add different colours so that shoppers have to look through the display
  • Focus on seasonal products
  • Choose items that can be easily picked up
  • Keep the Dump Bin full
  • Don't tidy up the display
  • Change the product weekly
  • Keep the life of the Dump Bin short as it will encourage people to come back for the next bargain
  • Add signage to clearly highlight the discount
  • Add colour to your Dump Bin
  • Take the Dump Bin off the floor for a couple of weeks after 2 or 3 product changes
  • Ensure the display is safe
  • Ensure your staff know the product

Now that you see how important Dump Bins can be for your sales, purchase some for your store here!

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