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SI Retail's range of generic and custom-made shop fittings and displays suit small and large retailers from any industries - from custom-designed gondola and flexible display systems to signage, hooks and innovative data strips, SI Retail has you covered.

For a flexible and eye catching display, try our unique Freestanding Slot Wall, designed to attract customer's attention. They are mobile and can be placed in high foot traffic areas to showcase best sellers. They can also be used to test effective selling positions and they are ideal for store window displays. The Freestanding Slot Wall comes in different sizes with adjustable shelves to suit your products and desired eye level. Our Spinner Slotwall Gondolas are only 460mm wide, they spin and they can fill a void in store without impacting on your retail floor space.

SI Retail has developed a range of ingenuous slot wall accessories that can also fit any in-store wall system. The accessories include hangrails, straight, waterfall and crank arms, sign holders, shoe shelves and a wide range of hooks. The hangshelve for example, has the ability to hang garments and shelve products at the same time.

If you need a product allowing you to store multiple items, acting as a display and a storage space in one, try out our Glass Cubing display systems. They are stylish, modern, and can be used as window, wall or freestanding displays.

SI Retail is a family-run business committed to giving customers the best opportunities. That's why we've established our own office in China to provide services in sourcing manufacturing and shipping. This ensures the supply chain is fully controlled - from the start of your project through to its completion.

Give us a call on 1800 211 122 to discuss your requirements with our Business Managers.

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