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Stop theft in your store!

Stop theft in your store!

Secure your merchandise!

Shelf or wall hooks are one of the most popular merchandising methods used in retail today. They allow you to display multiple products in a very attractive and neat manner. The only problem is customers can slip products off the hooks too easily. Do you have mechanisms in place to stop thieves before they even strike? Are you constantly looking over your shoulder? Watching every customer as they shop around your store? Worried about what they could take? Now you don't have to! You can secure your merchandise AND retain your high visual merchandising standards.

The best way to protect your hangsell products and prevent potential thieves stealing from your store is with SI Retails' range of professional hook stop locks. Feel at ease with our simple, effective and carefree solution to keep your hangsell products safe and secure during the busy holiday periods.

These nifty little stop locks provide the security you need whilst still allowing customers to look at and feel the product. They are available in 4mm or 6mm, black or red and to suit single or double pronged hooks. They are also so easy to use! Just clip one onto the hook in-front of your product and then use the special magnetic key (sold separately) to release the stop lock when a customer wishes to purchase a product.

SI Retail makes securing your stock simple! Speak to one of our experienced customer service staff today for all of your merchandise security needs!

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