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TIPS: How to fit out a store?

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If planned and carried out efficiently, modernising your retail space with new, modern shopfittings will generate a buzz about your store, boost sales and even attract new customers. Bellow, are tips to help you refurnishing your store.

How To Carry Out Fast and Effective Shop Refitting By Andrew Mulrine

If you have an existing retail premises, or you are planning to take over premises that are unused, you may want to carry out extensive refitting. After all, if you are taking over existing premises, you will want to stamp your own brand and identity on the location, so customers know that this is your shop.

If you already run a shop, you may want to carry out refitting to change the layout, and stop things getting dull. A look that worked several years ago may need updating to keep your shop competitive. Refitting the premises can give your store a new lease of life.

However, it can be a big job, so there are a few steps you should go through to make sure your store-refitting project is carried out quickly and efficiently.

Give customers notice

Refitting the premises can take a lot of time. Even if it is a fairly minor job, you will probably have to shut your premises for a few days. So make sure your customers have plenty of notice. Perhaps have a sale to reduce the stock you have to store during the refit.

Get the customers talking about the new look your store is going to have and you may be able to get new business from the refit.

Make the reopening an event

When the refit is complete, hype it up. Perhaps host a special reopening night, to show off the new look. Again, you can reduce prices during this event, to encourage people to come to the store and see what you have to offer.

Research your contractors

It is important that you know and trust the company carrying out the refit. Research them thoroughly, make sure they have carried out similar work in the past and contact some of their clients so you can find out about the sort of service they offer.

Also, discuss your ideas for the refit with them, to make sure that your vision is brought to life.

Plan storage

While your store is being refitted, your stock has to go somewhere. Make sure you can store it safely and cheaply, as this will make sure the refitting goes much faster.

Stay on budget

If you have a successful pre-refit sale, you may think you can carry out more ambitious plans, but you should resist this temptation.

Work out a budget early on in the project and make sure you stick to it. This will encourage you to be disciplined during the refit and stick to deadlines.

By following these tips, you can give your premises a brand new look and get customers talking about your business.Haldane have a experience refitting team, who have transformed businesses across the UK. Visit [http://www.haldaneuk.com]www.haldaneuk.com to find out more about their professional refitting service.

Article Source: How To Carry Out Fast and Effective Shop Refitting

So, before refurnishing your store:

Give your customers notice
Involve your customers
Make the reopening an event
Research your contractors
Plan your storage, it can save you time and money in the future
Stick to your budget

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