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X-GLOO with New Stabilisation Accessories

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New Water Ballast Barrels Optimize the Stability of the X-GLOO Event Tents

The company Skywalk has developed a new stabilisation system for its X-GLOO Event Tent in addition to the existing ballasting elements: The new Water Ballast Barrels ensure the secure positioning of the inflatable lightweight tent, especially on solid surfaces like asphalt or concrete.
- It is suitable for all X-GLOO sizes from 4×4 meters to 8×8 meters.
- The new Water Ballast Barrels have a diameter of 46 cm and hold a maximum of 80 liters of water.
- Two backflow valves provide the necessary pressure equalization while filling.
- The ballast barrels can be filled by one person within just a few minutes.
- Four welded and sewn handles make transport simple for two people.
- The barrells can also be tipped on their edge and rolled into position.

Up to three barrels can be used on each tube of the X-GLOO. When using one or two barrels per tube, the barrels are connected directly to the grommet on the outside of the tube using a shackle. When using three barrels per tube, the No-rub mat is used as an anchoring point between the tubes and barrels. The number of barrels required depends on the windspeeds at the tent setup location.

A special feature of the new accessories: the water ballast barrels serve as a functional stabilisation element and trendy seating as well! Skywalk has designed a custom cover for the ballast barrels according to the same material and design standards as the X-GLOO premium tents.

,The ballast barrel cover can also be printed with the clients logo", according to Everhard Uphoff, Head of Marketing und Sales of X-GLOO Germany. ,The personalized tents get a new attention-getting accessory in the extraordinary X-GLOO-style".

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Check out X-GLOO's range of event tent at www.x-gloo.com.au

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