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Data Strips

Data Scan Strips For Retail Shelves

Data strips for shelves are extremely useful for helping to keep your stock well organised. They enable stores to display key information about their products without any interference to the product itself. These handy shelf strips are easy to use and are compatible with most shelving designs and systems to insert pricing barcodes for labelling products on shelves.

Data Strips for All Your Retail Shelving Requirements

What are data strips?

Also known as price holders, shelf stripping or pricing strips, data strips are plastic strips which are fixed to the front edge of retail shelving displays. They are used to provide customers with information (such as pricing, specials or barcodes) related to the products that are sitting immediately on the shelf above.

Data strips are often self-adhesive and stick to the front or on top of a shelfs edge lip. They are easily removed and will not leave any mark behind on the surface. That said, we are pleased to offer an alternative to this type of data stripping by way of our exclusive clip-on data strips which require no adhesive tape at all. This brand-new design simply clips over the edge of the shelf and grips beneath the lip for a no-mess hassle-free experience. It can be positioned flat against the shelf or angled on our Versa shelves, perfect for pricing lower shelf levels.

These handy accessories eliminate the need to place information such as the price directly onto the products and are commonly used in all kinds of retail stores such as supermarkets, convenience stores, chemists, clothing and homeware stores. They can also be used in warehouses as shelf locators and can be cut to any size.

What information do data strips display?

Paper labels slide easily into the data strip channels and contain information such as

  • Price - Instead of using pricing tags or a price gun which can mark the products, the price can be printed onto a label and inserted into the plastic data strip at the front of the shelf. Once a product has been sold, it can be replaced with a new product and an updated label where necessary.
  • Description - Data strips can also be used to add a label detailing important product information. This is tricky to do with conventional labels as there is a risk of obscuring too much of the product itself.
  • Barcode - Data stripping can be used with labels containing a barcode too.

Furthermore, customers can be made aware of promotions and sales of certain products using customised labels inserted into talker grip data strips. The talker or ticket gripper feature allows for promotional labels to be inserted, highlighting the product for maximum exposure

Where are data strips used?

Data strips can be used on any type of shop shelving including free-standing gondola units, fixed wall mounted shelving, glass display counters and tiered display shelves. They are also compatible with shelves made from materials such as acrylic, steel, glass, and wooden melamine.

Types of Data Strips

Here at SI Retail, we offer a wide range of durable and affordable data strips including:

Data Strip Accessories

We also provide a variety of data strip accessories which enable you to mount price tickets and display promotional and media cards.

If you need any assistance relating to any of our data strip products or store fittings, then our experienced customer service team will be happy to answer your questions.

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