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Versa Gondolas

The most versatile shelving system in the market!
Each shelf holds up to 105KG*

Versa Gondolas

Versa Gondola Shelving

If you are looking for the best store shelving in Australia, Versa gondolas are it! Made from heavy-duty metal components, Versa commercial shelving/gondolas feature strengthened shelves and thick metal to hold a variety of different store merchandise in all retail industries such as FMCG (Supermarkets, Petrol Stations and Convenience Stores), Automotive, Hardware, Electrical, Sports and Leisure, Homewares, Department Stores, Pharmacies and many more.

We ship our retail gondolas and shop shelving nationwide to all states (QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, TAS, NT and WA) and cities such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania, Sydney, Darwin, Newcastle, Adelaide and anywhere in-between!

There are three colours of shop shelving (Black, White and Grey) and four types of gondola shelving backing panels to consider for your retail store!

Choose from Volcano Pegboard, Slatwall/Slotwall, Grid/Wire Mesh or Flat Metal shop gondolas:

  • Volcano Pegboard – this is one of the most popular types of shelving backing panels because it allows for the most hanging space with many display hooks able to be mounted to the panel in a variety of different locations. It also helps retailers place hooks at the exact heights needed for different sized product packaging. This means no space is wasted. SI Retails Volcano Pegboard style of gondola shelving is produced to the highest European standards and therefore will not bow or bend out of shape from heavy merchandise hanging on hooks.
  • Slatwall  – This type of shelving is used nationally in many different industries but mainly in fashion and apparel sections. It is also widely used in areas containing spare parts. This is due to the large variety of slatwall accessories available. From slatwall arms that extend out from the wall or aisle gondolas to slatboxes which allow for groups of small items to be displayed such as nuts and bolts, hair accessories, sweets/lollies and many more.
  • Grid Wire / Grid Mesh – This type of panel helps make your shop seem bigger as it creates an open store environment due to the see-through nature and placement of the grid wire. For this reason, it is predominantly used in smaller retail stores such as newsagencies, gift stores and homewares. It also enables products to stand out while also visually breaking up the space.
  • Flat Metal – A cost effective option if no hanging space is required. Flat metal looks sleek and sophisticated without any holes or visible lines. It allows your products to truly stand out and is a common choice for retail shops who shelve most of their product varieties. The flat metal panel is available in 300 and 400mm heights for placement on top of each other to build the gondola height you wish.

Premium Grade Steel

This heavy duty, thick steel gondola shelving system features reinforced gussets on Versa shelves to enable a load capacity of approximately 150kg* per shelf (based on 350mm deep shelf with strengthened brackets and weight distributed evenly across the shelf and centrally across the gondola bay).

End Bays, Aisle Shelving, Wall Shelving and Gondola Aisles

Versa is so versatile it can be used against walls (single-sided), to create aisles (double-sided) and to finish off your aisle (with the use of end bays or end caps). Even if you have used one or both of these options in the past, you will still need to consider which type of shelving is best for your store. Most retail stores use a combination of wall shelving and aisle shelving with tall single-sided gondolas against walls and shorter double-sided gondolas for aisles.

Truly Customisable

With a vast array of custom combinations and accessories, SI Retails Versa Gondolas suit any store layout within any retail industry!

Due to having separate feet to the upright posts, Versa is available with either a higher or lower base foot/base shelf. This allows fantastic customisation when planning your store.

Versa shelving kits are available with your choice of height, width, backing panels and base shelf size. Just add your shelving accessories

Versa gondolas come powder-coated black, white or grey in standard sizes listed on the product page. Other colours, sizes and customisations can be created specially for you*!
*Lead times and minimum order quantities apply.

Endless Possibilities

Customise your Versa shelving display with a variety of accessories such as gondola shelves, top covers, kick plates, shelf risers and fences (wire or acrylic), base drawers, horizontal or hanging signage and display hooks. Versa gondolas also integrates seamlessly with SI Retails EZI-Q® (In-Queue Merchandising System) to accept wire baskets and magazine racks on 914mm widths. 

Two types of shelves offer versatility in the look and feel of your store. Choose from wire shelves or flat metal gondola shelves. Both styles accept clear acrylic risers whilst flat metal shelves have the ability to also accept wire fences and dividers

Risers stop products from falling, whilst maintaining an unobstructed view of the product - perfect when positioning shelves on various angles. 

Flat metal shelves enable better data strip visibility with its angled front edge. Both shelves allow for our exclusive Clip-On data strips which require no adhesive whatsoever!

Finish off your shelving display with LED lighting for retail shelves. LED shelf lighting enhances the overall display of products and draws attention for maximum sales. Further categorise bays by brand, product type or sales promotions with the use of bulkhead lightboxes.

Are you ready to improve your retail shop shelving?

If you are ready to move forward with the next process in your retail store design, view our Versa selection of shop shelving above If you need any assistance with retail shop fittings, then please do not hesitate to reach out to the experienced team at SI Retail.

Dulux retail store aisle shelving in grey

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