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Wall Stripping

Wall Strip Shelving 40mm Pitch

Wall strip is perfect for smaller stores that need to maximise their available floor space. Uprights are attached directly to walls with brackets and shelves then added. Most fashion retailers use wall strip as it is more concealed and hidden from the customers view, whilst also allowing products to stand out in their own right.

Accessories for the 40mm pitch wall strip system and include brackets, crossbars, garment arms, hang rails, cross rails and other display arms. Wall stripping allows retailers to create a full store display using minimal fixtures. A great choice for stores on a tight budget!

Retailers use wall stripping, also known as slotted wall standards or wall-mounted standards, as a versatile and efficient solution for organising, displaying, and merchandising products within their stores. Wall stripping consists of vertical metal tracks, standards or upright posts with evenly spaced slots or grooves with a 40mm pitch. Here's how retailers use wall stripping in stores:

  1. Shelving Systems: Retailers attach brackets and shelves to the slots in the wall stripping to create shelving systems. These systems are used to display a wide range of products, from clothing and shoes to electronics, home goods, and more.

  2. Adjustable Displays: The slots in wall stripping allow for easy height adjustment of brackets and shelves. This flexibility is valuable because retailers can modify the display layout to accommodate different product sizes, promotions, or seasonal changes.

  3. Merchandise Organization: Wall stripping helps retailers maintain an organized and tidy appearance in their stores. They can use shelving systems to categorize and display merchandise, making it easier for customers to find what they need.

  4. Display Hooks: Retailers often attach display hooks to wall stripping to hang items such as clothing, accessories, and packaged goods. These hooks can be adjusted or swapped out as needed to suit different products.

  5. Product Highlighting: Wall stripping allows retailers to draw attention to specific products or promotions. They can use signage, banners, or specialized display accessories to create eye-catching displays that encourage sales.

  6. Cross-Selling and Upselling: Retailers can use wall stripping to create cross-selling and upselling opportunities by showcasing complementary products together. For example, a clothing store might display belts and scarves alongside dresses.

  7. Seasonal Displays: Wall stripping makes it easy to switch out displays for seasonal merchandise or promotions. Retailers can quickly adapt their store layout to match the changing seasons or holiday themes.

  8. Brand Promotion: Retailers can incorporate branding elements into wall stripping displays, reinforcing their brand identity and messaging throughout the store.

  9. Cost-Effective Solution: Wall stripping is a cost-effective way to create versatile display systems without the need for elaborate fixtures or custom-built displays. This can be particularly advantageous for smaller businesses with budget constraints.

  10. Inventory Management: Wall stripping helps with inventory management by providing a clear and organized way to display and track products. This can reduce stockouts and overstocking issues.

  11. Visual Merchandising: Effective visual merchandising strategies can be implemented using wall stripping, including color coordination, product grouping, and creating focal points to capture customer attention.

In summary, wall stripping is a practical and adaptable solution that allows retailers to make the most of their store space. It facilitates product organization, enhances the shopping experience, and supports both retail shelving solutions and merchandising strategies that can boost sales and brand recognition.

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