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Shelf T-Rails For Product Dividers

T-Rails are used at the front and rear of a store display shelf for dividers to clip onto. They are available in 3 different styles depending on the type of shelf used for your display.

  1. Adhesive T-Rails are the most commmon as they can be attached to a majority of surfaces and will not move once stuck down. The Adhesive T-Rail with front riser is perfect for ensuring products can't fall off of the display - great for items like confectionary or chocolate bars and recommended for use with when utilising product merchandising pushers.
  2. Clip-On T-Rails are the best option for wire or grid mesh shelves as clips secure the rail in place on the wire.
  3. For metal display shelves, the best solution is Magnetic T-Rails which contain no adhesive resulting in less mess and an easier application onto shelves.


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