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Retail Shop Shelving for In-Store Displays

If you’re looking for retail shop shelving then it can be confusing knowing where to start and what to choose.

There are several types of shelving to consider for your retail store including:     

  • Gondola shelving – this is one of the most popular types of shelving because not only does it hold your merchandise, but it can be used to configure the layout of your store. Furthermore, it can hold practically any type of product from featured items to heavy goods.
  • Slatwall backed – This type of shelving is incredibly versatile and enables you to easily customise your shelving. Generally speaking, this type of shelving is better for lighter items.
  • Wall stripping – This type of shop shelving can be placed on any empty wall in your store. It attaches by screwing uprights directly to your shop walls. This enables products to be visible for customers while also taking up little floor space.
  • End Caps – These are normally found at the end of gondola shelving and are often used for seasonal products or holiday items. They can also be used as a means of expanding shelving.
  • Wall corner display units – This type of unit is handy when you want to expand existing wall shelving into a corner. You can use pegboard or flat metal backed shelving for the corners of your store.

Benefits of gondolas

Gondola shelving is a mainstay in many retail businesses, especially supermarkets. It’s strong and versatile and there are many options when choosing this type of shop shelving system.

For instance, there are several colour and accessory options which can be used to align with your brand objectives and colours.

This type of shelving also helps to maximise space for your products and lets you stack products. In addition to colours and styles, gondola shelving means you can

  • Stack as close or as far as you want
  • Create a long row of shelves by stacking horizontally
  • Add end caps at the end of an aisle
  • Use it to create your floor plan with the flexibility of being able to change it as and when required

Wood or metal, which is best for retail shop shelving?

Even if you’ve used one or both of these options in the past, you’ll still need to consider which type of shelving is best for your store. Let’s take a look.

Metal shelving

Metal is popular with many stores because it’s strong, affordable, easy to install, simple to keep clean, and can easily be adjusted to accommodate merchandise of different types and sizes.

Metal shelving is paired with feature pegboard or slatwall backing enabling you to accessorise with items like display hooks, trays, hangers, bins and baskets.

Wooden shelving

This type of shop shelving also works well in certain retail settings such as jewellery stores, pharmacies, and clothing stores.

Wood also provides a unique finished look for your shop and typically shelves are available pre-made or custom made to order.

The type of wood used (typically oak or maple) gives you a further option to consider with different finishes such as maple for a warm cosy aesthetic and light ash for a modern Scandi style.

Ultimately, the type of shop shelving you choose depends on your store, your preference, and your customers. Wood shelving can create a more homely welcoming ambience whereas metal shelving may be better for an automotive store.

Benefits of Steel Shelving Units

Steel shelving units are reliable and sturdy and can last a long time. There are also several areas in retail stores where they can be used.

  • Stock room – If you have a large inventory industrial steel shelving is a great option because it’s versatile and comes in many sizes.
  • Warehouse storage – Heavy-duty steel shelving provides even more strength and can be used to store large heavy merchandise. Again, this is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and dimensions.
  • Product display – Steel shelving is extremely cost-effective and durable which makes it a good choice for displaying your store’s merchandise

Take the time to evaluate the type of products you sell and decide whether they could benefit from steel shop shelving.

Is space an issue?

Slatwall shelves could be the perfect solution for you if:

  • Space is an issue in your storefront
  • You are running out of floor space
  • There is too much standard shelving

Slatwall (also known as slotwall or slatboard) is a type of backing panel found on wall bays or free-standing fixtures. Grooves enable you to slot in shelves, bins, and racks and because it comes in a variety of colours and sizes, you can choose an option suited to your brand and store design.

Whether your slatwalls are permanent or mobile, the ease at which you can swap out products means the space never gets boring. You can also install built-in lighting which looks aesthetically pleasing and draws customers’ attention.

Are you ready to improve your retail shop shelving?

If you’re ready to move forward with the next process in your retail store design, why not browse our selection of shop shelving below. If you need any assistance then please don’t hesitate to reach out to the experienced team at SI Retail.


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