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Gravity Roller Shelves

Increase store efficiency and automate front facings of drinks and beverages in cold rooms!

Gravity roller shelves assist in ensuring drinks, beverages or medical products are always front-facing resulting in more sales. Useful in refrigerators or placed on any shelf.

Gravity Roller Shelves

Increase Efficiency with Gravity Roller Shelves

Gravity Roller Shelves are a simple, low-cost solution for storing and efficiently displaying and merchandising goods. The gravity roller track mats are placed on top of existing retail shop shelving and have special integrated rollers. The combination of the rollers and gravity allows your product to glide smoothly to the front of the shelf creating an automated merchandising solution.

Metal dividers are placed on either side of the item to segment products and keep them from falling into other sections. These dividers clip easily into any number of the perforated front and back rails, allowing customisable display and easy planogram resets. Ezi-Glide Front Risers are inserted into the lip at the side of the mat to stop products from falling forward and off the shelf. If your shelf is flat, insert the Angled Shelf Supports onto the bottom of the mat to lift the rear and angle the shelf downwards. Angling the shelf mat helps the product automatically slide to the front, giving the shelf the appearance of being fully stocked. The shelf supports can adjust to the perfect angle for sliding products to the shelf edge.

The gravity front-feeding system is used to merchandise beverages like bottled and canned drinks, chewing gum bottles, spray paint cans and other various supermarket items. It is also perfect for chemists and pharmacies and is used in vitamin aisles and for back of house pharmaceuticals. It is especially suitable for items with a high sale volume as it saves time on restocking items and cuts down on labour costs. The self-facing shelf merchandising system provides complete product visibility, allowing shoppers to make quick and easy decisions. The display allows for instant detection of out-of-stock items and simplifies the process of stock replenishment.

With increasing pressure on organisations to become more productive, the EZI-Glide Gravity Roller Shelf is the hassle-free, no-fuss solution for store fittings. Save on labour by spending less time correcting product displays and let the auto-facing roller shelf do the hard work for you.

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