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Create Effective Shop Displays with Our Product Display Systems

When it comes to visual merchandising, retail shop displays are where much of the action takes place. Knowing the different product display systems available and how to use them across a variety of product types is critical to making an impact on sales. There are so many displays for shops available, so knowing exactly what you need and what will work best in your store is critical for success.

A retail shop display is anything in a store that promotes your product. Visual merchandising relies heavily on the appearance of a retail or shop display as in many cases this serves as the first point of contact between your product and the customer. Here at SI Retail, we offer a variety of product display systems to enable you to create shop displays that will attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to buy your products. Take a closer look our impulse displays and garment racks for shops below.

Impulse Displays

A point of purchase (POP) display refers to any shop display that draws attention to your product.

It stands on its own away from traditional aisle shelves and often appears in the middle of large store aisles or elsewhere in the store where there is open space. They play a vital role in a visual marketing strategy by encouraging impulse buys and need to be carefully designed to attract attention. They're great for displaying promotional items and temporary products.

Some examples of this type of shop display include:

  • Dump bin baskets – These live up to their name and are typically crammed full of individually packaged products across a diverse range of product categories. 
  • Bulk goods mobile display – These are intended for heavier goods such as multi-pack items of canned drinks for example. They can be wheeled on a pallet into a suitable open space and include an A4 ticket frame.

The advantage of these types of shop displays is the ease at which they can be viewed from all angles and set up and replenished to satisfy customer demand.

Slatwall Display Stands

Slatwall display stands are similar to dump bins in that they stand alone and enable customers to interact with them from various angles. The main difference is that they are neater in appearance and more organised, often displaying slightly larger goods on shelves or hooks.

Customers can choose from our Slatwall spinning gondola which is ideal for small store spaces or our 4 Way freestanding Slatwall gondola which can be used for shelving products such as books and small hanging items.

The benefit of Slatwall display stands is that they can be easily configured with a wide range of accessories including glass and wood shelves, display hooks, and signage. It's never been so easy to create eye-popping shop displays!

Garment Racks and Fashion Accessories

Garment racks are one of the most popular methods of displaying clothes and creating head-turning shop displays. Our range includes versatile wall strip clothes racks, heavy-duty clothes racks, and mobile clothes racks. For smaller store spaces, customers can choose 2 and 4-way clothes racks with straight and waterfall arms.

To increase the notoriety of your shop display, you can try grouping items by colour, which is visually appealing to customers. Alternatively, if you're using tiered racks, another way of increasing sales is to cross merchandise garments. This gives customers a better idea of how they can put an outfit together using your products.

Are you ready to create shop displays?

So now you're better informed about our product display systems and how they can be used to create effective shop displays, feel free to click into the relevant boxes to select the items you need. Easily shop our entire range of retail display stands in Australia online now.

If you need any further information or assistance please don't hesitate to contact our experience customer service team.

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