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Shopping Baskets

Stackable Shopping Baskets for Shops and Supermarkets

Shopping baskets are the ideal solution for a handful of goods. We’re all familiar with the following scenario. You need to buy just one item but once you’re in the store there’s always something else you find yourself picking up.


Our shopping baskets lend themselves to this story and when positioned conveniently at the entrance of a store, they can be taken without using a coin deposit system – saving on time too.

SI Retail offers shopping baskets in different versions. For example, a small or large  double-handled plastic shopping basket which is perfect for a quick trip to the shops. We also offer a roller basket with a pull-out handle and the option to steer or carry.

Customised options

Our plastic shopping baskets are suitable for all retailers. Our stackable baskets come in different colours and sizes. At your request, we can have your company logo printed on them and place an order for an alternative colour if required.

The possibility of customising the colour and logo of our shopping baskets means they adapt to your image of a global flagship. Don’t let boring shopping baskets that clash with the rest of your store’s retail equipment, affect your customers’ shopping experience.

Increase your sales

Hand carry shopping baskets can improve your sales figures. By placing these baskets around your store for customers to use, they’ll be tempted to buy more, knowing they don’t have to carry merchandise around in their arms.

Since the baskets are stackable they can be stored in an orderly fashion on a shopping basket stand. We also supply a shopping basket sign holder which help your customers to find your shopping baskets.

Why not purchase multiple shopping basket stands and you can place them at your entrance and various points dotted around your store.

Shop and Roll 

Our 43L roller shopping baskets are extremely popular with our customers. The main advantage of these is their ease of use and their large capacity which improves the shopping experience at the point of sale.

This type of shopping basket is particularly popular with elderly shoppers since it is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Because it offers an easier and more comfortable shopping experience for your customers, they’re likely to spend more time and more money in your store.

A roller shopping basket is light and ergonomic and require no effort to pull it or push it like a trolley. The large 50mm wheels make light work of moving it around even when full and turning or changing direction is easy too.

Another advantage of our roller shopping baskets is the fact that they’re spacious enough to hold tins, cartons, and large packs that are common in sectors such as food, toys, and DIY.

Also stackable, our roller shopping baskets help any store to make the best use of their space.

Shopping baskets for everyone

All shoppers are equally important which is why shopping baskets need to be suitable for all heights and ages. Our compact roller shopping baskets help aid the flow of shoppers around your store, particularly if your aisles are narrow. More importantly, they enable your customers to enjoy shopping at your store.

If you have any questions about our shopping baskets please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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