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In-Queue Merchandising System

EZI-Q® In-Queue Merchandising Impulse Checkout Display System

Black in colour, the EZI-Q® merchandising system transforms wasted floor space into valuable additional retail space and helps increase profits per square meter by generating impulse sales from waiting customers.

Maximise Impulse Sales From Queued Customers

An efficient in-queue checkout display presents an opportunity for all retailers to maximise sales as it encourages customers to impulse buy and collect additional items on their way to the cashier. This retail display system is suitable for many uses - especially when needing to divide walk ways or foot traffic.

Whilst customers are queued, you have their full attention, time, and (soon) money, so reduce perceived wait times by distracting them with an effectively merchandised EZI-Q® system full of impulse products that the customer may have forgotten or may like to add to their basket.

This durable system can be fully customised and tailored to suit your store size and layout. The versatility of the EZI-Q® allows you to display numerous types of product and quickly adjust the displays to add more sections during peak trading periods or change it up for new seasons. It supports display hooks, shelves, magazine racks and many more merchandising accessories - perfect for promoting new products or displaying merchandise in heavy traffic areas. 

Castor wheels can be added to an Ezi-Q display bay to create a mobile merchandise display stand which can be placed anywhere in your store! Simply give us a call for more information.

Ezi-Q mobile impulse check-out display   Ezi-Q Merchandise Product Display for Rebel


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