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Shelf Talker Grips & Wobblers

Ticket Grips, Clips and Shelf Talker Holders

Shelf merchandising is an important aspect for maintaining a well-organised store environment. Help customers identify pricing and product information through a display system which promotes professionalism.

Whatever your needs are, SI Retail stocks a variety of durable data strip accessories, shelf clips, shelf grips, talker pockets, talker grippers and more. There is a wide range of sizes and different configurations/styles to suit your brand and display preferences.

Ticket Grippers

A range of T-grips are available to suit all requirements. Available in heavy duty for large corflute/aisle signage, hinged T-grips for flexibility and slim T-grips for posters. T-grips can attach to any surface with its strong and durable Avery adhesive tape.

Shelf Talker Clips / Data Strip Grips

Data strip grips help to display promotional tickets/talkers in different ways along an aisle. Hinged grips allow signage to flex when bumped meaning signage doesn’t fall out of the grip when taking products off the shelf. Basket grips are perfect for hanging signs from wire whilst Fixed grips hold talkers against the data strip. The Perpendicular grip holds the ticket out from the shelf for high impact.

Spring Wobbler

Peel off the two square sticky backings then add your ticket/talker to one end and attach the other end to a flat surface. This spring ticket wobbler enables the promotional ticket to wobble in order to attract more attention to your product and the promotion.

Sales Promotion Pocket

The clear protective A7 sized PVC pocket helps keep promotional talkers/tickets from ripping. Simply place your promotional ticket into the pocket then insert the top flap into any standard flat data strip. Great solution to protect tickets from becoming wet whilst in refrigerated conditions or to extend the life of your printed A7 talkers.

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