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Hanging Posters, Signs & Accessories

Retail Hanging Accessories For Posters & Store Signs

Whether you're a retail store owner or shopfitter looking to spruce up your space, our range of hanging poster accessories offers an array of creative and functional solutions to utilise empty space above the shop floor.

The one-stop destination for a wide range of products designed to make displaying posters a breeze. Below, you'll find a selection of accessories and their applications within a store setting.

  1. Poster Rails/Hangers:

    • Sleek and minimalistic, poster hangers are available in various lengths and in metal or plastic materials.
    • They offer a clean and modern look whilst utilising empty space above the floor.
    • They consist of top and bottom rails that securely hold the poster in place.
      Store Application:
      • Hang posters of different sizes using rails in high-traffic areas of your store to promote featured products or upcoming events.
      • Use poster hangers to create an attractive poster display along store walls. These hangers make it easy to switch out posters as promotions change.
  2. Ceiling Hanging Systems:

  • Ceiling hanging systems include wires, hooks, and connectors that allow posters to hang from the ceiling. They provide a flexible and customizable display option.
    Store Application:​​​​​​​
    • Use ceiling hanging systems to create eye-catching displays above aisles or in the center of your store, drawing customers' attention to featured products.
    • Most items connect to different types of ceilings to display poster rails or to simply hang posters directly from the attachment.

Our Hanging Poster Accessories provides an extensive range of solutions to elevate your store's aesthetics and promotional efforts. By utilizing these accessories strategically, you can create captivating displays that engage customers and drive sales. Whether you prefer a contemporary or classic style, our products are designed to meet your specific needs and make poster presentation effortless. Explore the range today and transform your store into a visual masterpiece.

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