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Gravity Roller Shelves

Increase Efficiency with Gravity Roller Shelves

Gravity roller shelves are a simple, low-cost solution for displaying goods in an efficient manner. The gravity flow rack consists of parallel rows of rollers that allow the product to slide down from one row into another as it moves along the shelf.

This type of merchandising system can be used to display all kinds of products in-store but is most seen in the refrigeration section. With the pressure on organisations to become more productive, solutions such as automated inventory management are becoming more common. While they are excellent solutions, basic gravity flow racks can also be used to reduce inefficiencies. Gravity flow shelf racks with roller shelves are simple to set up and crucial for supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations. They eliminate frequent replenishing which is required for stores without slanted roller shelves.

To use these mats, a worker simply places items on the rear loading side, which then causes the product to slide down to the front of the unit for viewing by the customer. This cuts down on merchandising and stock replenisment time, which is one of the major labour intensive costs to a business. Gravity flow racks also save space in your fridges by allowing you to display products close together yet still easily separated to the eye.

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