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Display Hooks

Display Hooks

Metal product display hooks are a brilliant way of organising smaller products onto wall or aisle displays while freeing up vital counter and floor space. They are available in single prong or flip scan styles to suit a variety of different backing panels including perforated metalboard, volcano pegboard, slatwall or grid wire mesh.

SI Retails display hooks are made from thick steel with a wire diameter of 5-6mm. We supply hangsell product display hooks to all melbourne, sydney, perth, adelaide, brisbane and gold coast retailers. 

Display hooks are products that are commonly taken for granted. Used every day in retail stores, trade shows, and many other places they do not receive much credit for the important role they play. Working behind the scenes, these workhorses are not the most exciting of products but when they are organised and merchandised properly, they can turn a pegboard into a shoppers paradise.

Having a choice of hook styles and lengths gives business owners the freedom to merchandise rubber gloves alongside cleaning materials or toothpicks next to mixed nuts. Fundamentally, anything with a hang tag, backer card or attachment can turn any fixture into a well-stocked and well-organised display.

Look around you and you will see display hooks for retail used in supermarkets, pharmacies, sports stores, stock rooms, workshops, convenience stores, automotive stores, newsagents and anywhere in between.

What are merchandising display hooks and accessories used for?

Whether you are a visual merchandiser or you own a retail business, you are probably looking at ways to maximise your floor space and accumulate more sales by displaying hang-sell items on gridwall, slatwall, shop shelving, pegboards, and garment rails.

This is where our range of popular display hooks come in handy. They are cost-effective, easy to use and offer the perfect solution for presenting large volumes of products in a neat and tidy fashion, improving the products visibility and saving space.

The types of display hooks we supply

We have hangsell display hook options available for metal and plastic:

with single and double prong varieties available.

Useable hook space lengths include 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm or 300mm and most of our display hooks are available in medium duty (5mm thickness) or heavy duty (5.5-6mm thickness). Choose from black or chrome hooks with or without flipper scan label holders. Label holders for flip scan hooks are available in a large range of colours and sizes.

We also supply additional Display Hook and Hangsell Accessories including:

These merchandising display hooks, chrome hang rails and accessories simply slot into your Pegboard, Volcano Board or Slatwall Panels for instant use.

Is anything else necessary to use our merchandising hooks?

If a packaging hole has been damaged or you want to hang smaller products from a merchandising strip at your point of sale, you may want to consider investing in some hang tags. Available in a variety of styles, our hang tags affix easily to most materials providing a lost cost, high return solution for hanging smaller items and making them more visible.

Create a more enjoyable browsing experience

A professional display of smaller items on a merchandising hook display or clip strip encourages shoppers to pick up smaller products which they may not have noticed before and creates an enjoyable browsing experience.

If you have any question or need advice relating to display hooks and accessories and store fittings, then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly experienced customer service team. We are here to help retail businesses optimise their merchandising and enhance their in-store environments.

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