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Shelf Management

Product Segmentation Using Shelf Dividers, Rails and Pushers

SI Retail’s clear acrylic shelf dividers are designed for the ever changing in-store environment to allow for quick merchandising and a seamless product presentation. Pushers and Dividers used with T-Rails are great tools for helping to reduce staffing costs related to shelf maintenance and enhance your customers shopping experience by making it even more convenient to browse. 

Shelf Management


Shelf dividers are used to separate different products on your shelves for a neat and consistent display. They are available in either a 60mm height or 120mm height and are made to a number of different lengths to suit all shelving sizes. T-Rails are sold separately and are placed along the front and back of the shelf for the dividers to clip into.

T-Rails and Risers

T-Rails sit on the front and back of shelves for the dividers and pushers to clip onto. They hold the dividers in place and are available in a clip-on version for wire shelves (extra replacement clips are also available), adhesive version for most applications or a magnetic version for metal shelves. Adhesive T-Rails with 40mm high front risers are commonly used with pushers to stop product from being pushed too far forward and off the shelf.


Pushers, Pusher Back Plates & Front Risers are commonly used with shelf dividers as a full shelf management system. The 30mm wide pusher connects to the T-Rail (between two shelf dividers) to ensure your products are always placed at the front of the shelf even when a customer takes an item. Pusher back plates can be added for larger items which need a taller pusher.

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