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Shop Fittings Melbourne Retailers Can Rely On

Whether you’re preparing to launch a new retail store or modernising an existing one, it’s important to work with a company that has experience in shop fittings in Melbourne.

We’ve been working with retail stores in Melbourne for more than 40 years helping them optimise their merchandising and enhancing their store environments by providing them with high-quality off the shelf and custom-made shop fittings.


Attention to shop fittings is critical

To get more customers through your doors, you have to concentrate on your shop fittings. When you fit out your store you need to utilise your space wisely to give your products maximum exposure. At the same time, there needs to be sufficient room for customers to walk around without bumping into each other when browsing your products

If you want your products to fly off the shelves then you need to look at how you are displaying them. If customers can’t see your products clearly or aren’t aware of certain items that you stock, then they’re not going to buy them.

Creating attractive shop displays not only makes your merchandise more appealing for customers but it makes your store appear fresher and cleaner. This, in turn, helps you keep track of your inventories.

With regards to shop fittings, Melbourne retailers should regard them as an asset. Shop fittings have the potential to benefit both your business’s performance and bottom line. With proper planning you could see benefits in the following areas:

Better display areas

No matter what industry you’re in, visual merchandising is where much of the action takes place. We offer a variety of product display systems which enable retailers to showcase their products and highlight their benefits to customers. These display systems can be easily configured to accommodate the particular merchandise of a business.

Slatwall gondolas, for example, can be used for shelving products and to hang smaller items. Even better, they’re easy for staff to fill and retailers should be able to display new merchandise without the need to rearrange their store.

Dump bins are great for elevating sales through impulse buys. Placed in an open space within your store, they typically contain pre-packaged promotional goods or temporary seasonal lines.

Easier store navigation

Good shop fittings help Melbourne retailers guide customers through their stores. Were you aware that gondolas can be used to shape your store’s layout as well provide multiple shelving solutions for your merchandise? It’s also important to make use of signage to help customers find what they’re looking for and to further promote new arrivals or sale products.

A pleasant customer experience

Many people visit stores for a relaxing experience. By making it easier for your customers to browse your store it’s possible they may make a larger purchase or add more products to their basket. If they have a positive and pleasant shopping experience, they’re more likely to become a regular customer. Furthermore, they may tell friends and family about your store or post a good review on a social media site.

Increased store profitability

The more people that visit your store and have a good experience, the more your store’s profits will increase. This experience is enhanced by ensuring that your Melbourne shop fittings complement your merchandise.

Increased visibility of your brand

Your retail display solutions should reflect your brand and align with your identity and message. For example, an automotive store could use metal gondolas and metal shelving in contrasting metallic shades to display their merchandise and create the type of sleek streamlined appearance that customers associate with automobiles.

Functionality and versatility

While aesthetics are important try not to place so much emphasis on this aspect of shop fittings in Melbourne that you forget about functionality. Instead, ensure that every detail you add has a purpose.

If you have a high turnover of products in your store you need to consider how your product display systems meet the changing needs of your business.

For instance, if you operate a fashion store, you will be aware that new products arrive as the seasons change. Therefore your racks and shelving need to be able to display summer dresses and bikinis (and everything in between) equally as well as they display winter coats, hats, and scarves.

What shop fittings do I need?

Below we’ve grouped together the type of fixtures and fittings you may need for your retail store according to your industry. Just click into the box to learn more about our products.

If you need assistance to plan your retail space or require a full fit-out, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at SI Retail or visit our shop fittings Melbourne office/showroom.

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