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Retail Shopping Trolleys & Stock Trolleys

Customer contact with your store and brand begins with your shopping trolleys or hand baskets, which is the first thing that a customer sees when they walk into a store. To assist and enhance shoppers' experiences, it is critical that a fleet of shopping trolleys and hand baskets that are aesthetically pleasing, well presented, and in good working order are available.

The importance of shopping trolleys

The physical condition of shopping trolleys is important nowadays as it has a direct impact on customers' shopping experiences, making well-maintained shopping trolleys a critical ingredient for every retail business's success. If shopping trolleys in your store are difficult to manoeuvre or steer, your customers first impression will be a negative one.

Additionally, depending on what types of products you sell, a shopping trolley may be an essential piece of equipment for a customer to transport their chosen products and without one, your changes of making a sale decrease. Shopping trolleys can also help your customers spend more in store. Where hand baskets have a reduced size capacity, if your customer uses a shopping trolley they can likely fit more in it, increasing their overall spend.

Buy shopping trolleys online

At SI Retail we have a range of shopping trolleys to suit your stores needs and keep your customers happy.

We offer traditional shopping trolleys with child seats to make it easier for parents to bring their little ones in to shop with them, shopping trolleys with foldable top baskets so that customers can convert their trolleys based on the size of products they require and their needs or we offer small shopping basket trolleys so customers in convenience stores or areas with small aisles won’t have to juggle multiple baskets at a time.

No matter what type of shopping trolley your store might require, you can find the full range online here.

If you're a retail store owner or manager who wants to make sure you have adequate shopping baskets and trolleys in good working order, SI Retail can help. Easily buy shopping trolleys online now.

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