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Shelf Lighting

EZI-LED™ Shelf Lighting Makes Your Products Dazzle

Catching customer attention is increasingly difficult these days with so many items in store and when faced with endless choices, shelf lighting is one of the best ways to help your customers focus in on what you want them to. LED shelf lighting in retail is one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart from your competitors by enhancing customer experience. Shelf lighting, specifically LEDs, enable you to showcase specific products, shelves, end caps, and display units to draw the attention of customers and help drive sales.

Let Your Customers See the Light

A great product display system will only take you so far. You can help your customers avoid behavioural paralysis – a situation where people are faced with too many choices – by using LED shelf lighting to focus their attention on specific products.

Our EZI-LED™ shelf lighting directs customers to your high-ticket items through innovative use of lighting. This way, you do not need to hope they see what you want them to, you can help make it happen.

Can LED Lighting Really Boost Sales?

Designing your retail space isn't just about where to place your product displays. There are several other components which help create a well-designed retail space, with one of the most important being shelf lighting. It has been suggested that the right lighting can drive revenue and since LED lights are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, you can enjoy lower operational and maintenance costs too.

Brighten Your Shelves to Create a Fabulous Display that Dazzles

LED lights are small, bright, and illuminate targeted areas, which are all the necessary traits for lights to be used in retail spaces, especially for shelf lighting.

By using multiple sources of light in your retail store, it enables you to create contrast around your products – not only drawing your customers' eyes towards your shelves but making it easier for them to read the details of the individual products.

LED shelf lighting is particularly useful in stores such as supermarkets where customers want to read the labels on food products before buying. This type of lighting is also beneficial in shops wanting to highlight a particularly large range of products such as shower gel or shampoo.

No Electrician Necessary

As far as LED under shelf lighting is concerned, you're probably thinking that you need to call on an electrician to install it. Well, the good news is that you can do it yourself.

Yes, honestly!

Our EZI-LED under shelf lighting kits are easy to assemble and quick to install without any electrical know-how and offer a complete plug and play solution.

They're easily fitted to any metal shelf or gondola using magnetic components and have a built-in diffuser which reduces glare and allows for uniformity of light. The high intensity cool white light flows over your products making them look brighter, cleaner, and more attractive while providing a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience.

Let There be Light

If you're ready to light up your products with some effective and hassle free shelf lighting solutions, then look no further than our EZI-LED shelf lighting kits. If you need any help with this product or any of our shop fittings, then please don't hesitate to contact the SI Retail experts.

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